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Image by Michael Dziedzic

What Whiteness Does

(And What to Do about It)

In this workshop designed for White people on an anti-racist journey, participants explore their personal relationship to whiteness. Through interactive learning about white supremacy, white privilege and systemic racism, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the myriad ways our lives are entrenched in systems of domination based on race. Through racial socialization narrative formulation and sharing participants will explore their own stories of race, their racial identities, their blind spots, and their feelings about being white. This challenging program provides white people on the journey of anti-racism with concrete tools for the next steps toward transformation and healing.

This workshop can be taught virtually, in person (post-COVID-19 or with proper safety precautions), or as an online course. It works best with 4-14 participants. The workshop is a 1 1/2 day experience, and can be split into three, 4-hour blocks if needed

Image by Matt Artz

Racial Socialization Narrative Formulation

We are racial beings in a racialized society. None of us escape racial socialization. This workshop engages participants in the construction of their own racial socialization narrative. The intention is to break the taboo related to talking about race and the things we have experienced related to race and racism. Participants are led through a structured process that helps with narrative formulation, which entails sharing with other participants.

This workshop is best with 4-25 participants and can be taught virtually or in person. The workshop is 8 hours long, and can be taught as a full-day experience, or in two, 4-hour blocks.

Image by Nick

Dealing with White Client Racism in Session

This workshop is for therapists, counselors, social workers and any mental health clinicians in training. While we may be aware that we live in a system saturated with racism and white supremacy, most of us are not trained as clinicians to handle white client racism in session. This workshop addresses this topic, the different ways racism can be enacted in session, and provides ideas for how to address it when encountered. This workshop also engaged the topic of how racism and mental health are related. In addition, participants are given the opportunity to engage in role plays to practice addressing white client racism in session.

This workshop is best with 4-14 participants and can be taught virtually or in person (post-Covid-19 or with proper safety precautions). This workshop is an 8-hour, full-day experience, and can be split into two, 4-hour blocks if needed.

*Customized workshops can be developed to meet the needs of your organization or class
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