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Anti-Racism Consultation and Education

Dr. Kyrai Antares earned her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Western Michigan University. This program has a particular focus on race and other issues of diversity. Dr. Antares has been prepared to make a contribution to the treatment of the collective illness of systemic racism in the United States. As a white person on an anti-racist journey of her own, and as a counseling psychologist, Dr. Antares has investigated and interrogated race and racism in herself, in her relationships, in society, and through scholarship and research. Her research has focused on transracial adoption, handling white client racism in session, relationships between international and domestic college students, racial socialization, and racism as a mental health issue. 

Dr. Antares offers several presentations and workshops focused on anti-racism, and is also willing to design a custom program for your organization.

Image by Christopher Martyn
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