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  • American Violet

  • Life Support

  • The Long Walk Home

  • The Color of Courage

  • Mama Flora’s Family

  • The Great Debaters

  • Losing Isaiah

  • Selma

  • Malcolm X

  • Bamboozled

  • Do the Right Thing

  • Selma

  • The Hate U Give

  • Who Killed Malcolm X

  • Step

  • Dear White People

  • Hidden Figures

  • Reel Injun

  • The Cherokee Word for Water

  • Christmas in the Clouds

  • The Education of Little Tree

  • Dolores (Story of Dolores Huerta)

  • A Better Life

  • Yo Soy Boricua

  • Real Women Have Curves

  • The Milagro Bean Field War

  • Immigrant Nation! The Battle for the Dream

  • Documented

  • Come See the Paradise

  • American Pass time

  • Time of Fear

  • The Joy Luck Club

  • The Debut

  • Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

  • Skin

  • Invictus

  • LGBT & Race

  • Pariah (African American)

  • Saving Face (Asian American, also)


Documentaries on various relevant topics

  • What I Want My Words to Do to You

  • Alice’s Ordinary People

  • Race: The Power of Illusion

  • White Like Me

  • Color of Fear

  • The Dhamma Brothers

  • Where to Invade Next

  • The Mask We Wear

  • Slavery by Another Name


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