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Between Two Worlds:

Experiences and Understandings of Black, Transracially Adopted Emerging Adults

From Dr. Kyrai Antares' dissertation research, this presentation looks deeply into the experiences of Black,  transracially adopted emerging adults (age 18-28) who were raised by white parents in Michigan and Ohio. These experiences provide an important context through which to understand the importance of racial literacy for white adoptive parents of Black children.

This presentation is 90 minutes long and can be given virtually.

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Systemic Racism and White Privilege in Education

This interactive presentation provides an explanation of systemic racism and white privilege, and examines their historic and contemporary impact on the educational system in the United States. This presentation was designed for college students studying education. It is 90 minutes long and can be facilitated virtually.

Key in the Lock

Diversity in Development

This presentation was designed as a supplement to a university Human Development course in order to expand the study of development to include diverse human experiences beyond those of white, straight, cisgender people. While many categories of diversity are named in this presentation, particular focus is given to issues of race and sexual orientation. This presentation is 90 minutes long and can be facilitated virtually.

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My Personal Racial Socialization Narrative

In this 90 minute presentation, Dr. Kyrai Antares shares her personal racial socialization narrative in order to provide an example of one white person's journey of white anti-racist identity development. Dr. Antares' story shows that anti-racism is an emotional and intellectual intelligence that forms over time - but never without investment and effort. This presentation can be done virtually.

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Being Anti-Racist: Making It Personal

Designed for people working in higher education in counseling centers, admissions offices, academic advising, and teaching, this 90-minute presentation provides an explanation of racial socialization narrative work, anti-racism, and an overview of research-supported factors impacting the experiences of students of color on college campuses in the United States. Also emphasized are ways to build personal and institutional anti-racist identities. This presentation can be done virtually.

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Customized Presentation

*Contact Dr. Kyrai Antares with your topic/audience and a customized presentation for your anti-racism needs can be designed.

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